Human Resource Management System


HRM manages Multiple Business Locations to mark the auto attendance and auto generate salaries of employees in various institutions like schools, colleges, factories, banks, shops, offices etc. This system mainly includes bio-metric based attendance and staff auto salary calculation on the basis of their check-in and check-outs.
HRM application is developed in PHP and MySQL using Code-igniter framework.
Bio-metric connector is developed in C# using .NET framework. You will get bio-metric connector installer with the purchase of this application.


• Salary Management for multiple branches over multiple shifts
• Auto salary generation (based on daily rate, working hours, deductions, holidays overtime, advance)
• Auto attendance through biometric device
• Bulk attendance – Manual attendance
• Vacations Management
• Leaves Management
• Public Holidays Management
• Reporting on Attendance
• Time Sheet Management
• Staff Registration
• Staff Management
• Performance Management
• Integrated Bio-metric Attendance